2160Girls: All gymnasts must be in a leotard after their initial trial session. This is not only a safety precaution for the gymnast, but for the coach as well. Gymnasts may wear shorts as long as range of motion is not prohibited (denim or other restrictive materials). 

Boys: Our male gymnasts wear a Velocity t-shirt and black shorts. Again, these must be a non-restrictive material and must be tucked into their shorts at all times. This is for both gymnast and coach safety.

In the winter, all gymnasts may warm-up in a tracksuit; once training has commenced, however, they will be required to remove their tracksuit and train in their leotard/t-shirt and shorts.

We are pleased to announce that SilverFX supply us with all of our leisurewear – orders can be made directly through our club page on their website: https://silverfx.co.uk/category/sports-clubs/velocity-gymnastics-academy/